About Me

Tomatos- organic
Tomatoes in greenhouse

My name is Ken Bourne and I live in the Cariboo Region of the interior of British Columbia. I have been a professional nurseryman/gardener for over 50 years. I have practiced this occupation in England, United Arab Emirates and for the last 33 years in the Cariboo. This area of British Columbia is really beautiful, with natural wilderness, wild animals, and unequaled outdoor activities.

The only drawback for gardeners is the long winters and short growing season. With only about 90 frost-free growing days the Cariboo Gardener has to take a different approach to gardening than other gardeners who live in a more favorable climate.

Quick maturing varieties, ways to extend the growing the season, using the same area to grow two or even three crops are some answers that gardeners in this area have devised to overcome the problems.

Having lived here for so long I have learned many tips and tricks, from other gardeners and from my own experience,  that enable me to have bumper crops of organic, nutrient-rich food every year.

It is now time for me to pass on this knowledge, not only to other new gardeners to the Cariboo but to gardeners all over the world to overcome their  local gardening problems. I am also writing a series of organic gardening books, the first of which is now available on Amazon.

This site is a start, and I will post as much information as I can to help all gardeners grow great vegetables and have healthier,  successful crops of nutritious food. I hope that other gardeners who have some specialized knowledge would share their knowledge here as well.

Greenhouse at end of winter